Insurance & Patient Responsibility

As a courtesy, each center’s Patient Service Specialist will verify insurance coverage for all of our patients. We will also bill your insurance company on your behalf and only collect the amount deemed your responsibility by your insurance plan. This will include payment for any copayment at the time of service and for any deductible/coinsurance or non-covered services determined by your policy with the insurance company. Please advise our patient Service Specialist of any secondary or tertiary Insurance.

The verification we receive from your insurance plan is not a guarantee of benefits. We recommend that you also verify your therapy benefits with your insurance company prior to your first appointment and let us know if there are inconsistencies with the coverage quoted.

What is co-insurance?
Co-insurance is a form of medical cost sharing that requires an insured person to pay a stated percentage of medical expenses after the deductible has been met.

What is a deductible?
A deductible is a fixed dollar amount during the benefit period that an insured person pays before the insurance company starts to make payments for covered medical services.

What is a copayment?
A co-payment is a per-person, per-visit amount that you are expected to pay before your insurance company begins covering the cost of your care. The provider of care is directed by the insurance company to collect the co-payment from the patient prior to treatment.

How do I know if I have a co-payment?
If you have a co-payment, it will most often say an amount on your insurance identification (ID) card listed as office copay or specialist copay. Other information sources are your insurance benefit booklet, your insurance company’s customer service department (number listed on the back of your ID card), or your employer’s Human Resources Department.

Why do I have a co-payment?
The required co-payment amount due by the patient is based on the contract you have with your insurance company, chosen by you or your employer.

How do I make a copayment?
Co-payments are required to be paid at each visit. For your convenience, co-payments may be made using cash, check, or credit card.