About Us

Our Mission Statement and Treatment Philosophy

COMPASSION, COMMITMENT & RECOVERY is a simple philosophy we incorporate into each of patients treatment program.

Compassion: We understand your struggles, frustration and pain levels and how it affects your personal and daily life. Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and well taken care of by our staff. Many of our patients comment on how they “feel at home” at our clinics.

Commitment: We are committed to excellence in our treatment, which begins with personalized attention. Our physical therapists recognize that each person has their own unique needs and desired outcomes. At the outset of care, each patient’s medical and physical history is assessed along with other lifestyle factors. A personalized treatment program is then developed based on the patient’s injury, age, sport or other lifestyle needs. We also address unique factors such as patterns of movement body alignment, postural habits, and treatment goals in order to develop the most effective customized physical therapy and rehabilitation plans possible. No two patients are exactly the same, and therefore no two treatment plans are the same, which displays the uniqueness of ActiveCare’s approach to patient care. Customized treatment plans are designed to increase strength, restore range of motion and alleviate pain. Physical therapy and rehabilitation programs are developed using the most effective treatment methods available (See our services).

Quality is a cornerstone of our practice. We recruit some of the most highly qualified and skilled physical therapists from around the world. Each therapist has a mastery level knowledge in manual therapy techniques, trains extensively in-house, and attends intensive continuing education programs in order to remain at the forefront of the latest knowledge and techniques in the field. When necessary, our team also works with other medical professionals in order to allow patients the best opportunity to succeed in his or her treatment.

Recovery: We simply want to make you better as quickly as possible. When a physician or surgeon refers a patient to us, we carefully follow the doctor’s recommended recovery plan and keep them regularly apprised of the patient’s progress.

ActiveCare continues to be one of the top physical therapy facilities in our community and we strive to provide the best and up to date patient care in order to optimize patient healing and recovery.