Rik Couwenberg

Rik Couwenberg, PT, ART
Owner & Managing Director

Rik Couwenberg was born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland. In 1985, he began his professional education at the prestigious Hogeschool Van Amsterdam where he received his Masters of Physical Therapy degree with a specialization in Orthopedics. Having studied in Holland, a country known for its high-level physical therapy education, Rik is able to combine a unique approach to treatment that includes several European, Australian and American healing philosophies that help patients achieve their maximum level of recovery.

He opened a private practice upon graduation and specialized in orthopedic injuries. After 4 years in private practice, he immigrated to NJ. He has over 30 years experience as a physical therapist specializing in orthopedics and has been the sole owner of ActiveCare Physical therapy since April 2000. Rik is well known by physicians in Morris County as the PT to go to for “complex orthopedic problems” and has helped many patients over the years that lost hope they would ever be able to lead a normal, pain free life. To me there is nothing more satisfying than healing a patient to a level beyond what the patient thought was even possible” – Rik C.

Over the years, Rik continued to enhance his skills. In 2012, he became full body certified in Active Release Technique; a state of the art soft tissue system/movement based manual therapy technique. He is one of a select group of therapists in the state of NJ certified in this technique, which helps patients recover at a much higher level from certain tough injuries. He has a strong background in manual therapy and sports rehabilitation as well.

Currently Rik is very excited to be developing a unique senior fitness and balance program at ActiveCare. By developing a unique senior fitness program that focuses on balance retraining, fall prevention and the general fitness of the senior population, Rik strives to decrease the number of fall related impairments of the senior population and improve their quality of life.

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